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When it comes to this cute Church Burning Satanic Christmas Sweater, the Devil is truly in the details, isn't it? I mean, look at how pretty the flames are!! Oh everyone is gonna love this sweater...I just know it! This sweater may cause unforeseen controversy and heated arguments with just about everyone you come in contact with this Xmas. But hey, try to have fun with it! You only live once, so let those bridges burn baby burn!

We know that Christmas is supposed to be cheerful and all, but what can we say, we just aren't as cheery as the other girls. Their normal is our abnormal. Their normal is our boring with a capital B! But as long as you feel that inner warmth and joy when wearing one of our Christmas Sweaters, well, then I think we did our job pretty damn well! So eat those fresh-baked cookies with your friendz and familyz this Holiday Season, and at the very least pretend that you are enjoying the Holidayz?? I don't know, just a suggestion... Merry 666mas everybody!

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