Pride & Prejudice the Parlor Game: A Literature-Inspired Party in a Box




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Not even your high school English teacher knew Jane Austen could be this uproariously clever.

A laugh-out-loud mash-up party game for everyone, whether you loved the novel, or barely skimmed it. Dealt from a deck of 400 response cards, complete modern musings such as, &ldquoThe secret to a happy marriage is&hellip.&rdquo with phrases pulled directly from Pride & Prejudice. Put a new spin on a literary classic by turning this novel of manners into a comedy of errors. 

Ideally suited to 4 players or more, ages 12 and up.

For fans of Jane Austen and classic literature, and for fans of anything but. It&rsquos like reading the book . . . but funner.

Sample prompt/response scenarios:

Omg, last night I dreamt I was:

  • a man of more fashion than fortune.
  • nearly a hundred thousand pounds.
  • pleasing women.
  • the only handsome girl in the room.

The secret to a happy marriage is: 

  • a bottle of wine every day.
  • a pack of foxhounds.
  • a thorough knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing, and the modern languages.
  • silent indignation.

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