Break In Alcatraz



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Break In&trade Alcatraz

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To Escape, You Must First&hellipBreak In&trade

You are the &ldquooutside man&rdquo breaking into Alcatraz to help a few of your buddies escape the inescapable prison. Throughout this collaborative experience, you must work together to follow a series of clues and solve puzzles to unfold multiple layers of the game and move deeper into the facility! You&rsquoll encounter many obstacles and characters along the way&mdashgood luck! It&rsquos more than a game, it&rsquos an experience&ndashthis game provides the thrill and challenge of an escape room, combined with the experience and world-immersion of a movie! For 1 to 6 players. Difficulty level: 2 out of 4

Ages 10 & Up

Contents: Expanding 3D Game Board, 54 Cards, 7 Solution Sticks, Envelope with Raft Puzzle, 2-Piece Ball & Chain Puzzle, Radio Decoder, Rules

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