The I`m-So-Hungover Cookbook: Restorative Recipes To Ease Your Pain




Glorious carbs are not the hero any of us want on a Saturday morning--it&##39;s the hero we need. Delete your deliver apps and start cooking your own hangover food.

Here you&##39;ll find fifty restorative recipes for loaded fries, bacon burgers, luscious ramen, spicy tacos, mini pizzas and buffalo wings. Because, just like death and taxes, hangovers are simply one of life&##39;s certainties. Infinite hangover "cures" exist, including raw egg, sports drinks and even rubbing lemon in your armpits. Some heretics suggest simply avoiding alcohol altogether. There is only one known relief from a chronic hangover: food.

128 pages, 7.3" x 8.9"

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