Devil`s Revenge Hot Sauce From Hell



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  • HABANERO HOT SAUCE: Looking for real hot pepper and really hot sauce look no further. Give this sauce a try and dance with the devil yourself - only if you dare. Capsicum extract combines with habanero peppers to produce one of the worlds hottest hot sauces, this hot sauce is made for true daredevils of intense heat.
  • INSANE FLAVOR: Habanero hot sauce from hell is for the palate pyromaniac who loves the fiery heat and delicious flavor. This is great for those who love that habanero taste in their hot sauce coupled with the insane heat of 1,000,000 SHU capsicum extract. This will leave you with a mouth-burning taste.
  • DEVIL&##39;S CHICKEN WINGS: This pepper hot sauce is with unmatched flavor but mixed with serious spice to create some hellish heat. It will level up chicken wings, pizza, breakfast burritos and pretty much anything else you might want to add more fire to. A small dab is all you need, go overboard and you’ll be beggin’ for mercy! If the Devil had a favorite hot sauce, this is what would be used to exact revenge with.
  • NEXT LEVEL HOT SAUCE CHALLENGE: One of the hottest hot sauces around, dare your friends to taste the hellfire by adding this pepper sauce to the mix at your next party. This takes the hot sauce challenge to a whole new level.
  • PREMIUM GOURMET GIFTS: This hot sauce bottle is the perfect gourmet gift stocking stuffer for the hardcore spicy food fan. Know someone who never leaves the house without a bottle of hot sauce? If so, give them the gift that keeps giving tantalizing flavor and relentless, scorching heat.

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