The Underworld Anubis Jackal Skull Statue



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  • The Underworld Anubis Jackal Skull Statue

  • This Anubis Jackal Skull Sculpture measures 6.75" tall, 6.5" long and 4.25" deep approximately. It weighs about 1 pound.
  • This Anubis Jackal Skull Sculpture is made of designer composite resin, hand painted and polished individually. Color Tone may vary
  • Analysis of Egyptian fossils has identified a new species of extinct carnivorous mammals called hyaenodonts. Hyaenodonts preceded modern terrestrial carnivores in Africa and also lived in Europe, Asia, and North America. The fossils of the new hyaenodont are the most complete known remains of a teratodontine from the Paleogene Period, and include largely complete skulls, jaws and limb bones.
  • This skull is made to resemble a possible rendering of the actual creature worshipped by ancient Egyptians. Highlights of this sculpture includes the well defined long ears with internal ridges, sharp meticulous teeth bared in a cynical grin and the wicked frown of the eyes and forehead. He will draw attention to all eyes that see him.

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